The Musashi NItta Stores Association holds and participates in various special events through out the year. You have to drop by and experience it at least once.

~An invitation to the major festivals and events~

●The first ever Musashi Nitta Samurai Parade

This year was the year of the first "samurai parade". Donning armor which they have made themselves, everyone from the age of 8 to 80, even women and foreigners, became "warriors" and joined the first ever samurai event in Tokyo.

●"Moon viewing concert"

Admire the harvest moon while enjoying performances of traditional Japanese instruments. On the same day we will also open a workshop for you to experience playing traditional taiko drums.

●The Yaguchi Minami Summer Evening Bon Festival" (every year in August)

In the grounds of the Hikawa shrine the Bon Odori festival is held to mark the end of summer and is celebrated magnificently along Tokyu Tamagawa railway line. Other than the Bon Odori, many other events are also held in the venue.

●Musashinitta Choinomi drinking festival

Starting 2014 a new event was born. The first was held in July, and the second was held in November. Gourmet food was offered in more than 20 establishments. More than approximately 1000 guests participated in the 2 day event on each month it was held. *More details can be found here

●Tamagawa Seven Lucky Gods Festival (every year on the first Sunday)

In 2014, the newest Seven Gods of Fortune in Tokyo, the "Tamagawa Seven Lucky Gods" were born. On this day, the Tamagawa Seven Lucky Gods procession and their festival celebration are held. Establishments of the Stores Association serve delicious gourmet food, street performances, musical live events, as well as stalls with games like balloon fishing come out by the dozens.
*More details can be found here

●21st century Cherry Blossom Festival

Under the symbol of the Yaguchi - Shimo Maruko area, which is the "21st century Cherry blossom", the festival is held at the green field of the Tamagawa Gas Bridge. This year's 4th celebration of the festival was held instead in the Ota-ku Citizen's Plaza due to heavy rain on March 29 (Sunday). The Musashi-Nitta Stores Association exhibited booths in the event, and introduced the Tamagawa Seven Lucky Gods festival to the many visitors.

●Hikawa Shrine Festival

Majestic portable shrines are carried around town. On this day children portable shrines and floats are paraded so that adults and children alike can participate in the festival.

●Nitta Festival

Last year was its 35th celebration. The stamp rally where one can join the raffle to win merchandise after collecting 3 stamps from shopping at participating stores is immensely popular. There are also event stages within the Nitta shrine grounds and surrounding area, refreshment booths set up by Stores Association establishments, pounding mochi cakes demonstration, product exhibits, games with prizes etc. that the whole family can enjoy.