The Musashinitta Stores Association of the histor


~The Musashinitta Stores Association of the historical district~

The Musashinitta Stores Association is shopping town that sprawls along the old Kamakura-dori from the Tokyu Tamagawa line, MusashinItta station. There are many stories and ruins that still exist in the Yaguchi-Shimo Maruko area involving the legend of the samurai Nitta Yoshioki being murdered at Yaguchi-no-Watashi in Tamagawa. In the Shopping District there are 4 huge gates that welcome visitors. In Chuo-dori, there is the Nitta Shrine which is the shrine where the Hamaya, ceromonial arrow that drives away evil spirits, originated, and where Nitta Yoshioki has been enshrined publicly for 655 years, and in 2014 the "Tokyo Tamagawa Seven Lucky Gods" were established to go around the shrines and temples in the area, to create a new history for Musashi-Nitta. The area around Tamagawa is also blessed with nature and while the seasons are being experienced the voices of "See you later!" and "Welcome back!" from homes can be heard, this is the kind of town that Musashinitta Stores Association is working to build.

Name Musashinitta Stores Association   Stores association information approximately 170 store members
Location 1-13-8 Yaguchi, Oda-ku, Tokyo, Postal code: 146-0093   E-mail
TEL 03-3759-0717   URL
FAX 03-3756-3139